The Effects of Nursing Burnout and Ways to Overcome

The Effects of Nursing Burnout and Ways to Overcome

Posted on 16 October 2019

Just like every other working man or woman, many nurses tend to experience nursing burnout. There are many factors related to this but first and foremost, one needs to understand the definition of nursing burnout before.  

Burnout is defined as physical, mental and emotional exhaustion which leads to having a sense of hopelessness and lack of motivation. Burnout makes you feel like every day is a bad day and it doesn't only affect them alone but spreads onto the patients they care for.

Many factors lead to burnout. Here are some of the contributing factors:

Some nurses work longer than their usual 12 hours shift. This relates to overtime or shortages of nurses at their hospital. They do not leave on time once work finish. This causes fatigue and high chances of error in nursing.  

Secondly, nurses are the heartbeat of the healthcare industry and mostly, they will put others first before themselves. Their desire to care for others, especially patients, while juggling their daily life with raising a family, working long hours, can easily make them neglect their own needs.

Technology advancement in these past 15 years, has also contributed to burnout. There is an increase in nursing responsibilities which causes nurses to feel overwhelmed and stressed as they are involved in a fast-paced workload.

Nevertheless, the work environment also leads to burnout, for example, coping up with a patient's death leaves them to be tied up with grieve which affects them mentally and emotionally.

There are many ways that a nurse can avoid burnout. It doesn't take hours or days but a little effort to pull themselves together and follow these simple steps; Help yourself when you help others. Give yourself some space to breathe. Take a ‘Me Time' and get involved in activities that you love by managing your time well.

Secondly, manage stress and emotions. Nurses, intend to tie themselves down with situations that occur during work time. Never drag your situations home. Try meditating or doing some light exercise which will be extremely helpful to overcome this situation.

Another way you can avoid burnout is to seek help when you have identified the symptoms. Reach out for immediate help.

Nursing burnouts can occur anytime, whether you are a student or working. Prevent yourself and take precautions before burnout happens. Don't let this be an obstacle to reaching your height in your nursing career.

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