Are Video Interviews a Good Way to Assess a Candidate?

Are Video Interviews a Good Way to Assess a Candidate?

Posted on 25 October 2019

With the increase of technology these days, many companies are opting into video interviewing their candidates for job opportunities. With several software’s being developed, recruitment agencies, both local and foreign are using this method to reach out to their candidates around the globe to conduct interviews. 

Are video interviews a good way to reach out to find your suitable candidate? Is it time-consuming? Can you find a suitable candidate via a video interview? There are many aspects to consider, from pros to cons. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of video interviews. 
Advantages of video interviewing:
 A cost-saving method where recruiters can save on their long-distance travel         costs to meet their candidates. 
 More convenient for candidates as they do not need to commute to a location        and can now complete their interviews on their smart phones, laptops, and              tablets. 
 Low in cost or no upfront cost. 
 Video interviews can speed up the recruiting process and vacancies can be              filled in a short period of time. 
 Access to international candidates is an advantage. 
You can also benefit by using any specialized interview tools in the following ways:
 Recruiters can record interview videos which makes it easier to pre-screen the        profiles and save time by hiring the right candidates for the job
 Able to conduct a conference call at any time from any part of the world
 Easy scheduling (by calendar invites)
 24/7 technical support is provided. 
Video interviewing also has many disadvantages: 
 Technical problems such as unstable connection.
 Candidates should have access to a webcam and microphone and has to be in      a location where there is a good internet connection. 
 Difficulties in scheduling multiple interviews depending on the candidate’s            location and time zone. 
However, the advantages of a video interviews have set a wider option for recruiters to speak to potential candidates directly by reducing cost in an efficient manner and also ease the process for candidates, clients and recruiters to speak to various candidates from any location. Concerning the disadvantages, this has to be thought well and earlier preparation has to be taken before the interviews are being scheduled and conducted.

People360 Healthcare Recruitment is moving towards escalating its business in the international platform, and to date, we have conducted many successful video interviews with our international candidates. Our approach makes it easier for candidates to apply for jobs and it is a more cost-effective way to source for suitable candidates than before.

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