People360 Lends a Helping hand at St. Luke’s Eldercare

People360 Lends a Helping hand at St. Luke’s Eldercare

Posted on 13 June 2019

People360 Services welcomed 2019 with a CSR event at the St. Luke’s Eldercare Ang Mo Kio Polyclinic Centre, Singapore. It took at least a month for the staffs of People360 Services, both from Singapore and Malaysia, to prepare for the event and a great teamwork was carried out in making  this event a successful one.

St. Luke’s Eldercare houses a number of 50 residents with 19 staffs who take turns to care for the elderly. Various programmes such as Gold Zumba, Arts & Crafts and table top activities were organized for our Pioneers. Keeping them entertained throughout the day was our policy and truly their faces were drawn with smiles.

For us at People360, visiting St. Luke’s was an experience that we will never forget. This event allowed us to spend time with each residents and learn about their experiences, lives and character. The visit also allowed us to mingle with our clients in terms of understanding the operations and the environment of the nursing home as well as to build a closer relationship with them.

The need to care for the elderly is rising everyday and during our CSR activity to St. Luke’s, we realized that taking care of these senior community is not as easy as we think. They deserve great care and comfort and we are grateful to our client for allowing us to have a day with them. Thank you St. Luke’s Eldercare!



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