Staff Nurses (USA)

Job Title: Staff Nurses (USA)
Job Type: Contract
Location: USA
Industry: Nursing
Reference: JOB_000301[134]
Job Published 16th Dec 2019

Job Description


  • Require to sit for NCLEX and IETLS. There will be training provided and costs for examinations would be cvered
  • Work hours are 36 hours/week. There is overtime, on calls and holiday pays. Nurses work 12 hours shifts with an average of 3-4 days off in a week.
  • Preferably experienced in tertiary hospitals setting, private setting, long term acute care, dialysis centres or psychiatric setting. Ward experience is preferred.
  • Requires a Diploma/Bachelor in Nursing from a recognized institution. Must be either Singapore Nursing Board Registered or Malaysian Nursing Board Registered.
  • Must be currently working and previous employments should have not more than 6 months of gap
  • Nurses have a 30/36 months contract and salary would be $27-$30/ hour.
  • Location would be throughout USA depending on experience and Interview selections. Preference would be considered, however cannot be guaranteed






-Achievement bonusesranges anything from $5000-$11000

-Travel benefits are all provided.

-Flight forhalf the contract to and fro from home country and flight for end of contract is also provided.

-If NCLEX and IELTS is passed within 9 months, there would be additional incentives.

-Nurses would come in on PR and are allowed to bring family after orientation. Everyone will be a PR status