Senior Staff Nurse

Job Title: Senior Staff Nurse
Job Type: Permanent
Location: Singapore Various
Industry: Nursing
Reference: JOB_000198[209]
Job Published 23th Apr 2019

Job Description

Our client which runs an integrated eldercare facility is looking for Senior Staff Nurses to join the team. The Senior Care Centre provides centre-based community care services for seniors who are physically frail and in need of supervision
during the day while their loved ones are at work.

Job Description

The Senior Nurse in a Senior Care Centre shall also undertake the secondary appointment as a Care Programme Associate.
 Take charge of entire clinical nursing practice in a Senior Care Centre
 Take charge of nursing care for elderly clients; including fall risks and hospitalization processes
 Take charge of medical procedures in an outbreak of infectious diseases
 Conduct client assessments during admissions and periodic reviews
 Participate in multidisciplinary case discussions

 Oversee adequacy of medical supplies and equipment

Care Programme Associate [Secondary Appointment]

 Plan and conduct programme activities for elderly clients
 Conduct talks on nursing care and healthcare for clients and caregivers
 Teach caregivers on how they can better care for elderly seniors


Job Requirements and Qualifications:

 Diploma in Nursing – Registered with the Singapore Nursing Board
 Minimum 5 years of nursing experience in a hospital or eldercare setting
 Good communication and interpersonal skill
 Possess a passionate disposition to care for frail seniors
 Be able to conduct care programmes for seniors; e.g. daily news/healthcare reviews/cooking therapy/art & craft/singing/dancing, reminiscence therapy; etc.