Nurse Clinician

Job Title: Nurse Clinician
Job Type: Permanent
Location: Singapore (Central)
Industry: Nursing
Reference: JOB_000172[528]
Job Published 09th Apr 2019

Job Description

Our client who manages a Hospice is looking to bring onboard an experienced Nurse Clinician.

1. Job Relationship

1.1 Reports to Director of Nursing

2. Job Specifications

2.1 Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
2.2 Post-basic speciality in Palliative Care/Oncology or Gerontology Nursing is preferred.
2.3 Valid practising license with Singapore Nursing Board.
2.4 Minimum 3 years’ experience as a Senior Staff Nurse in Palliative / Oncology Nursing OR minimum 5 – 8 years in palliative/oncology care setting with clinical leadership skills.
2.5 Compassionate, positive attitude, adaptable and customer service orientated.
2.6 Able to multi-task and work independently.
2.7Good interpersonal and clinical leadership skills.


3. Job Summary

3.1 Provides clinical leadership in delivery of care and nursing practice in the clinical area to ensure standard of care is
maintained by the staff.
3.2 Responsible for evaluating the standards of care and integrating evidence-based knowledge into clinical practice.
3.3 Serves as a role model and be a resource person to the nurses and other healthcare professionals in clinical areas.
3.5 Provide clinical supervision for new staff and nursing students.
3.6 Possess good interpersonal skills to exert positive influence in leading and coaching a team of nurses towards clinical excellence.


4. Responsibilities

4.1 Patient Care Management

● Clinical supervision in the wards to ensure staff is providing safe, efficient and effective nursing care, adhering to nursing standard of practices.
● Serves as a clinical resource person in the assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of patient care.
● To be updated on current trends in clinical practices and shares information with staff and other healthcare professionals.
● Utilises evidence-based practice and implement care standards that promote improvement & quality care.
● Provides supervision and assistance to staff for complex terminal discharge and managing clinical emergency in the wards
·Familiarised with the emergency preparedness plan and participates in emergency exercises according to the assigned role and responsibilities.
·Respects and protects patients’ rights and confidentiality

4.2 Clinical Education & Leadership

● Plans in-service education calendar with Nurse Managers
· Plans and conducts ward orientation and induction program for new staff
· Provides on the job training and assesses staff skills competency.
· Supervises staff and preceptors to ensure learning takes place and competencies skills checklist are completed within the staff probation periods.
● Provides clinical leadership, direction and guidance to the following:
- Staff Nurses with Clinical Instructor Certificate
- Staff who have completed the preceptor course
- Staff Nurses who have just graduated from specialist diploma in palliative care course.

● Identifies staff individual learning needs and collaborates with Nurse Manager to implement staff development plan.
· Monitors and tracks staff performance by assessment, peer review, certification of clinical skill competency.
· Work in collaboration with the Nurse Manager/Nurse Educator to identify the core competencies for nurses.
· Conducts annual core competencies assessment for nurses
· Provides on-the-job training and skills competency assessment in the wards.
· Work in collaboration with Training Department for staff training, nursing & graduate students on clinical attachments.
· Work in collaboration with Nurse Educator for OJT skills and submission process to ITE

4.3 Risk and Quality Management

● Supervises and guides Clinical Champions in the clinical activities to improve clinical outcomes and quality of care.
● Analyses incidents report, use root cause analysis to identify the root cause and make effective recommendations to prevent further occurrences.
● Participates in MOH audits and accreditation.
● Facilitates clinical champions in clinical audits and quality improvement activities.
● Participates in department and organisation quality improvement & research projects.
● Reports incidents in a timely manner.
● Evaluates targets and monitors department key performance indicators.

4.4 Other Duties

● Participates in committees as assigned by Director of Nursing.
● Takes on any assignments as assigned by the Director of Nursing / Medical Director.