Dental Surgery Assistants

Job Title: Dental Surgery Assistants
Job Type: Permanent
Location: Various: Singapore (Central) & (West)
Industry: Other
Reference: JOB_000164[870]
Job Published 27th Mar 2019

Job Description

We are looking for Dental Surgery Assistants to provide clinical assistance to the dentist in the areas of clinical procedures and clinic operational efficiency. 

The ideal candidate should have an excellent eye for detail, great communication and interpersonal skills, a compassionate attitude and must be able to work well with others in a team.

Key focuses and responsibilities:

  1. Assist dental surgeons in the clinical practices, particularly in the
    advance procedures; be familiar with all the commonly used medical terminology
    use in the clinic.
  2. Assist in preparing, sterilising of dental instruments and environment
    pre and post procedures. Complies with work safety regulations in the handling
    of dental instruments and equipment.
  3. Maintain and ensures cleanliness of all clinic facilities.
  4. Well prepare in advance for all appointments (at least a day in
  5. Demonstrates knowledge and awareness of the patient’s safety needs and
  6. Demonstrates competence in performing the following advance skills in
    addition to the basic competency skills:
    ·Assisting in periodontal surgery
    ·Assisting in crown and bridge delivery
    ·Assisting in crown and bridge
    ·Assisting in implant surgery
    ·Assisting in orthodontics
    ·Assisting in root canal treatment
    ·Care of Moderate Sedation
    ·Troubleshoot equipment/instruments
  7. Assist to ensure instrument inventory counts are accurate after last
    case done, and report faulty instruments/equipment to the relevant department
    immediately. Assist team-leads to troubleshoot equipment/instrument before
    sending it off to vendor for repairs works.
  8. Ensure adherence of high standard of infection control and other
    quality control measures by all staff Responsible for emergency kits;
    pharmaceutical items; consumable items and ensure ready stocks are well
    managed. E.g. No excessive ordered items and expired items found in the
  9. Perform front desk duties with courtesy, empathy, and professionalism.
    Assist in patient’s registration, claims submission and any other
    administrative works assigned.
  10. Ensure comfort of patients pre and post treatment, and follow up with
    patient accordingly. Report any abnormalities to clinic manager immediately.
  11. Other related duties include but not limited to models and handling of
    lab cases, understand patient’s needs and render appropriate care accordingly.
  12. Liaise closely with patient and build good rapport with patient.
  13. Gather patient’s feedback and provide constructive suggestion to Team
  14. Assist in daily clinic operations, be the coverage person when Clinic Team
    Lead is not around. Be proactive to participate in role-call every morning and
    ensure communication are cascaded to all staff within the clinic


    ·Candidate should possess at least GCE ‘N’ Level or equivalent
    ·Preferably Nitec in Dental Assisting or Certificate in Health Care
    Assistance Course
    ·Preferably with some experience in similar capacity within the
    healthcare industry